Liquid Screed Flooring for
Commercial Contracts

House builders and commercial property developers alike are benefitting from the speed and versatility of using liquid flow screed to make smooth, clean and level floors. It is self-compacting, ensuring that there are no voids, can flow into awkwardly shaped spaces, and any existing pipework is easily accommodated.

We can generally pour and level areas up to 1000 sq. metres per day and, with the flooring being dry enough to allow foot traffic after only 24 hours, delays to continuing with first or second fixes throughout the properties are kept to a minimum.

Cityflow Screed - new liquid flow screed floor drying
Recently installed floor, self-levelling and starting to dry

Benefits of Liquid Screed Flooring

There is no dust remaining once the screed has cured and, for most of our liquid screed types, there is no need for sanding. This makes installation not only quick but also ensures a clean working environment afterwards.

This can be ideal for situations such installing new flooring in schools where time without students is very limited and work needs to be carried out fast, with the minimum of fuss, and leaves no residual mess.

The screed is pumped directly from our lorries into the target area. We do not have to traipse back and forth with wheelbarrows causing mess. We like to leave the jobsite in as good a state, if not better, than when we find it.

Cityflow screed pumps screed directly from the lorry to the target area
Pumping liquid screed directly into the target area

Being highly thermally conductive, liquid flow screed is ideal for installing a new concrete floor around underfloor heating systems forming a supportive and tight layer around the pipework. It conducts heat from the pipes well and also retains heat well after the system is turned off.

Suitable for Existing Floor and Build Types

We have different screeds available from Cemfloor and Gypsol, depending on the type of floor covering required and have options suitable for use over different existing floor types ( timber, decking, concrete, masonry, unbonded or floating floors) and timber frame, steel, or concrete builds. Yes, we also cater for multi-story projects.

Suitable for houses, offices, foyers, factory floors, schools, shop floors, corridors, commercial buildings. Pretty much anywhere a quick, level, strong, and solid floor is required.

Whatever your requirements, flow screed is the most viable option when considering labour, time, and the environment. Competitive prices are guaranteed, and we are happy to offer advice both before and after installation.

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