Liquid Flow Screed Flooring for Domestic Projects

As the popularity of underfloor heating systems has risen in both domestic new builds and renovations, a clean and versatile internal flooring solution was required. We would like to present you with liquid flow screed. Whilst the name may seem a little strange, the liquid flow screed is ideal for:

  • creating a clean and level floor suited for applying over underfloor heating pipework
  • levelling out existing non-level floors
  • simply creating a new floor surface ready for laying tiles, engineered wood or carpet.

Liquid Screed is Perfect for Underfloor Heating

Liquid screed is the perfect material to be used with underfloor heating. From heating perspective, it is very thermally conductive meaning the heat will be felt more rapidly but it also acts as a thermal store, retaining heat for longer. The thermal properties of liquid are far superior to that of traditional dry cement screed. In addition to the thermal properties, however, it is the ease in which awkward spaces can be easily filled with a self-levelling and hard-wearing material that makes liquid flow screed so useful when installing a new floor into a home.

Note: Your underfloor heating pipework should be pressure tested by your plumber before any screed floor covering is installed.

Cityflow Screed - pumping liquid screed directly over underfloor heating pipes
Cityflow Screed - part way through covering underfloor heating pipes with liquid screed.

Liquid Screed is Quick and Clean

We know that, particularly in domestic situations, there are some reservations and concerns about the potential mess involved in the process of applying the liquid screed, along with the amount of time that the room, or rooms, will be unusable.

Here are the key points which hopefully will set your mind at ease when deciding on the new floor surface for your in-home project.

  • Our liquid flow screed is suitable for foot traffic after only 24 hours, meaning time out of your room(s) is kept to a minimum.
  • The screed is pumped from our lorries on the street to the target area - we do not have to traipse back and forth over your property with wheelbarrows
  • Not all mess can always be avoided outside during installation, but our lorries come equipped with pressure washers, just in case.
  • The average job takes from 1-3 hours from start to finish.
  • Liquid screed is self-levelling and usually does not require sanding*.
  • We all always leave your property clean and tidy.  In fact, we aim to leave the job cleaner than we find it. (Sorry we can’t promise to do your dishes or laundry, though).
  • No dust remains once the screed has cured, ensuring that a clean environment is maintained.

* Please note that one of our screeds, used when a particular finish is required, may require some sanding.

A recently installed liquid screed floor is self-levelling and starting to dry
Awkwardly shaped, newly laid liquid screed floor is self-levelling.

It is important to have all the facts before choosing to book delivery and laying of your new floor, so we offer a free survey and on-site visit prior to installation to discuss, in person, your screed flooring options. Our screed is only installed by fully approved and trained applicators ensuring quality is never compromised.

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