Underfloor Heating Liquid Screed - London

The increasing popularity of underfloor heating systems in both domestic and commercial properties has created a high demand for a quick and versatile concrete flooring option that will effectively cover the heating pipework and produce a perfectly level floor. This is where liquid screed comes in.

About Liquid Screed

It might have an odd sounding name but liquid screed has wonderful benefits such as:

  • creating a clean and level floor suited for applying over underfloor heating pipework
  • levelling out existing non-level floors
  • simply creating a new floor surface ready for laying tiles, engineered wood or carpet
  • it is thermally conductive meaning heat will be felt more rapidly - perfect for underfloor heating
  • screed floors act as thermal stores, retaining heat for longer
  • liquid screed is perfect for filling both large and awkwardly shaped spaces
  • a clean and quick installation
  • the floor is suitable for footfall after 24 hours

To help you visualise the process here are some photographs taken during a domestic installation by the customer:

City Flow Screed begins
1. Piping the screed direct from our lorry.
2. Half way there.
3. The new floor is down.

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